Nail Extensions

Prices start from £28.00
The true ORIGINAL one phase soak off gel; available in over 120 colours. No need for base coats, primers or sealers; colour nail gel can be applied directly onto the natural nail. Looking for a product that protects and improves the condition of the natural nail? Calgel is designed with the natural nail in mind; it allows and encourages nail growth. Calgel’s flexible nature reduces the risk of breakage or snapping whilst remaining hard wearing and long lasting on natural nails, sculptured nails or nail tips.
Calgel is the world’s most renowned gel manicure system since 1981. It is unlike the average gel or nail product. It does not seal off and inhibit the natural biological nail system. Calgel’s respiratory nature allows the nail and finger beneath to remain far more healthy and natural. There are no acrylic monomers or Methyl acrylic acid in the formulation of Calgel.
Full set of Calgel Overlays £28.00
Full set of Calgel Extensions £38.50
Calgel Infills £22.00
Acrylic Nails with Gelish £38.50
Single Nail Replacement £3.00
Safe Removal, Tidy & Polish £15.00

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